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St. Mary's Fast

The fast of the Virgin (August 7-21) is a two-week fast that prepares us to celebrate the Feast of her bodily assumption into heaven.  On that day, St. Mary was taken up into heaven, three days after her burial – as witnessed by St. Thomas the Apostle.  

During this fast, we honor the Blessed Theotokos (Mother of God) with various praises and we ask for her constant intercession upon us all.  “The adornment of Mary, in the highest heaven, at the right hand of her Beloved, entreating Him on our behalf.”  

From the Evening Doxology to the Virgin

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Bullet Journal

Spiritual Disciplines
Kick Start!

Our NEW 2-week spiritual discipline kick start will help you create a personalized plan to establish refreshed habits of prayer, Bible reading and fasting.

Bible reading plan


St. Mary's 2 Week Plan

Read various passages 5 days a week for 2 weeks throughout the St. Mary's fast meditating on the life of St. Mary.

St. Mary's fast


A Fasting Guide

This short guide walks you through the St. Mary's fast. It will help you know how the church teaches us to fast during this special time.

Videos for children

Calling All Saints

Calling All Saints are short videos about the lives of the Saints written, edited and performed by youth for children.

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