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Mission Foundation Class (MFC)


What is Orthodox Mission? (Orthodoxy)

The Christ Model represents a mission that extends through the Church, with the overarching goal of guiding all individuals to worship the Holy Trinity. The method employed is Incarnational Love, driven by the aspiration for everyone to experience and embrace the Kingdom, fostering a profound relationship with God through the Body of Christ.


Love Leads to Action

Following the growth of our Faith within the Church, it is imperative to live out that Faith in the world. While worshiping God and receiving His love, we are called to actively share that love with the world, meeting the needs of the people through actions, particularly in the realm of social justice. This directive is both commanded and requested by God in the Great Commission, emphasizing the necessity to take our Faith beyond the confines of the Church and into the broader community.


Mission begins with Learning not Teaching

In the pursuit of a deeper understanding of faith, it is crucial to also learn and embrace the culture of the land one serves in, fostering the construction of bridges and relationships both locally and abroad as part of a relational mission. Additionally, it is essential to incorporate helpful hints to ensure our actions contribute positively without causing harm.


History of Missions
A look at the Past
Old Testament

We can find valuable insights by learning from those who preceded us, delving into missions documented in the Bible such as Abraham's and Moses's, and exploring missions undertaken by characters in the Old Testament.


History of Missions
A look at the past
New Testament & Beyond

The mission of Christ and the Apostles, the early Church's mission, and contemporary missions in the modern day.


Your Mission Starts Now

Embarking on my personal mission prompts introspection about what I am awaiting and the necessity for boldness to initiate action, stepping out of my comfort zone. Having acquired foundational knowledge, the challenge arises: what to do next and where to focus my efforts? Summarizing key points from the five talks, the next step involves outlining practical actions to bring my mission to fruition.

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