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The Holy Fifty

Christ is Risen, Truly He has risen! We are in the blessed Holy 50 season in the Orthodox Church. We put together our favorite resources to keep you inspired, focused and growing through this joyful season of the church. 

Inspiration Starts Here

Orange Flower

How to Keep What I Gained

If we want to keep the spiritual growth we experience through Holy Week (and continue to grow even more), then we need to do the same things that helped us get there to begin with. What specifically? Read Fr. Anthony's inspiring article, "How to Keep What I Gained" to begin the Holy 50 with a great mindset.

Holy Fifty Hymns

Listening to Music

Play on Spotify

We’ve chosen to focus on listening and learning these 4 hymns. Learn the tunes and the beautiful words as you pray through the hymns. If you’re newer to these hymns, listen to one daily, let the words penetrate your heart and the tunes become familiar.

Filled: Children's Activity

Orange Balloon

Great for Families

A 4-week fun, printable activity. Discover how a simple balloon can remind us of how we are FILLED with the Holy Spirit!

  • Sundays - Hide a message in a balloon and blow it up to put on display for the week

  • Monday – Friday: Read a short passage and use the prompt to discuss it with your family.

  • Saturday (POP DAY) – Pop your balloon and discover the hidden message of the week!

Teens in the Word

Person Reading Bible

Bible Reading Plan

Over four weeks, explore the blessings of a life filled with the Holy Spirit as we prepare for the Feast of Pentecost.  Teens will focus on one key aspect of the Holy Spirit in each week's readings. Pray, read and journal about what God is teaching you about the Holy Spirit.

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