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How does your church provide explanations to guests and attendees? Fr. Timothy shares STSA's strategy and the resources we use to help those newer to the Orthodox church, understand and feel comfortable during a liturgy.


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Learn about the ancient faith of the church and how to put it into practice in today's modern world through classes and liturgical templates and resources. 

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From welcoming guests to supporting volunteers, where do you start? Our resources can inspire ideas for your own church community. 

Father and Son

Inspire youth to pursue a life-giving relationship with Christ and the Church through engaging and practical resources for families and Sunday School programs.

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Grow and stay motivated in your walk with Christ through quiet time, confession and personal retreat guides, and other resources to support you.

Bible discussion group

Diving into topics through group or independent studies are a great way to grow in your faith. Explore our relevant

and practical topics to get started. 

Online Class

Learn with others all over the world. We'll be hosting virtual events and groups seasonally, all are welcome to join.

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