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The Fast of the Nativity (also called Advent) was ordained by the church as a spiritual preparation for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The fast begins on November 25 and continues until the Feast of the Nativity (Christmas) on January 7.  


During this fast, we prepare to receive the Incarnate Word of God, just as in the Old Testament Moses fasted forty days and forty nights before receiving the word of God in the form of the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 34:28).

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Fasting & Confession

Why do we fast in the Orthodox church? How do we fast and what role does a Father of Confession have in an Orthodox Christian's life? Fr. Timothy shares answers to these questions.

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Bible Reading Plan

Turn your attention towards preparing for the glorious birth of Christ that we will celebrate on January 7 (aka, Christmas). We have a prepared a daily reading plan during this fast.  The goal is to have time with God each day, digging into His Word and discovering His ways. 

Book Recommendations


Great for Families

Join us as we journey through the Old Testament with 40 Bible readings, one for each day of the Nativity fast. Order the book, Welcoming the Christ Child by Elissa Bjeletich, to enjoy the readings and discussion questions with your family each day leading up to the birth of our Savior.

Focusing on the theology around Christ as God and man, St. Athanasius expounds on the biblical evidence of the hypostatic union. He reflects on the entity and identity of Christ as well as his purpose on Earth and his intent for his followers.  

Athanasius also delves into such topics as life, death, creation, resurrection, and the nature of the Holy Spirit. This timeless and influential work eloquently explains the complicated and beautiful nature and purpose of Jesus’ time on Earth.

Family Reading Plan


Family Advent Plan 

This reading plan is for all families including those who have kids in preschool to those who have teens.   Younger children can  complete the color-by-number activity sheet (attached) each day of the reading plan.  

Messeh Nighttime Routine

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Build a Routine

Fr. Anthony shares how his family has built a time to share, read the Bible and pray that's lasted throughout the years. 

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