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Fr. Timothy shares how coming up with a 3-part Lent plan can help us to be intentional and grow spiritually during this season.
Fasting to Feasting
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Fasting to Feasting Planner

  • Download the personal planner to go along with Fr. Timothy's sermon to help you create your 3-part Lent plan focusing on fasting, prayer, and charity.

A Practical Guide through Lent

  • Written by H.G. Bishop Suriel, this practical guide toward increasing our spirituality throughout the Great Lent. Download the guide now.

Why Do We Really Fast During Lent?

  • In this blog post written by Fr. Anthony Messeh, learn the importance of fasting and how to spiritually benefit in our modern world..

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Personal Retreat Guide

A guide to help you start your personal retreat journey. Find the time, space, and solitude to reflect on God's work in your life.

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The Road to Resurrection

Watch Fr. Abraham's message about our journey through Lent on the road to the Resurrection and how we are on the journey with Christ.

Open Bible

Lenten Spiritual Exercises

Find prayer guidance, reading material, personal reflections, and more to help you grow spiritually and reflect this Lent.

grow spiritually during lent


Lent Daily Reading Plan

A daily Bible reading plan to guide you through the Lenten season.

Lent Daily Reading Plan

A daily Bible reading plan to guide you through the Lenten season.

Lent Daily Reading Plan


A daily Bible reading plan to guide you through the Lenten season.

YouVersion Orthodox Lent Reading Plan


A Bible reading plan from YouVersion based on the Orthodox season of Lent.

Lent Book Recommendations


Fr. Anthony, Fr. Timothy, and Fr. Abraham share book suggestions .

Kids, Teens, & Families

Kids in Church

Great Lent is a wonderful time for families to come together and follow Jesus on his journey to the cross and resurrection. In this guide, you'll find a list of ideas for families with kids in preschool and elementary to help you PRAY, FAST and GIVE in a variety of ways

digging deeper: more resources

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Great Lent



Great Lent is filled with beautiful, unique hymns only chanted during this time of year. This playlist compiles some of these special hymns.

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The Great Lent Guide


Fr. Pishoy Kamel writes a guide about Great Lent and the meaning behind the different themes.


Great Lent

Recipe Book


Simple vegan recipes to take the guesswork out of the dietary changes of Lent. Find recipes for all meals in this guide.

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